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Here is some basic CBD health facts and most asked questions by our customers. There is a ton of information to learn about CBD for health if you’re just starting out, but we have simplified the terminology and the basics for the beginners. Natures Pure CBD Hemp Oil is one of the leaders in CBD production the United States with over a million units sold through our retailers and from our website.

What research and customers are saying

The pharmaceutical companies have been making money hand over fist from all the pills they are shoving down people's throats. Many pharmaceutical drugs can vanish from the U.S. market if certain properties of the CBD oil proved to be favorable by the FDA.

Most of our customers who have used Natures CBD Hemp Oil have very little, or no side effects because there are no synthetic chemicals in CBD, and it's natural. The only side effect what I have personally experienced is you might get a little tired if you take to much. Since everyone is different and have different reactions please consult your Doctor before using Natures CBD Hemp Oil.


What makes Natures Pure Hemp CBD so special? The Quick answer is Natures CBD is water based not Oil based. Yes we use the word Oil in our name, and that's because most people identify CBD as some kind of Oil because CBD has been marketed as an Oil.  I’ll explain why you’re going to want a water based CBD instead of an oil based CBD.

The big problem with Oil Based CBD is the human body has a hard time processing any kind of oil, since our bodies are made up from 60% water. Oil and water naturally do not mix well, makes sense right?  If you’re going to consume CBD under the tongue, the veins under your tongue tend to repel any kind of oils which makes most of the CBD products on the market not very efficient. Yes, Oil based CBD’s will work, but not to the full potential. You will have to use stronger CBD to feel the effect of Oil based CBD’s.

 CBD costs a lot of money, so you’re going to want to get your money’s worth, use water based CBD’s like Natures Pure CBD. Another great reason to use Natures CBD is, you’re going to use less of it, meaning Natures CBD is 5 times more effective, and works 5 times faster than any CBD on the Market.  Oil based CBD’s take around 45 minutes to feel the small effect. Natures CBD will take around 5 minutes for the CBD to kick in. In rare occasions CBD might take up to 3-5 days to work, but 95% of the time most people can notice an effect day 1.

Nartures CBD uses a special CO2 extraction technique that allows our CBD pharmacists to capture the CO2 in a liquid state and efficiently draw the CBD in the purest form from the hemp plant material. The CO2 extraction removes any kind of solvents, pesticides, metals, and unnatural substances making Natures Pure CBD a natural alternative. 

 Natures CBD Oil

CBD Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits that does not make people feel “high”. CBD counteracts the euphoric effect of THC. Concrete evidence suggests that CBD is safe even at high doses.

What is CBD

Natures CBD is non-psychoactive which makes it option for people looking for relief and other conditions without having feelings of getting high.

Mostly sponsored by the US government for scientific and clinical research, findings include CBD as a potential treatment for a wide range of health conditions.

Can I get High From CBD ?

Answer: No, CBD is naturally non-psychoactive. You may however feel more relaxed and comfortable

Natures CBD hemp Oil is, 100% legal when sourced from Industrial Hemp like the Natures Pure CBD Hemp Oil on our site. When we process the CBD Oil made from industrial hemp, and there is zero levels of THC. Industrial Hemp is specifically grown for it’s sturdy stalks and zero levels of THC, therefore you will not get high when consuming Natures Pure CBD Hemp Oil products. More CBD information here

cbd oil drug test

Will I fail a drug test from Natures CBD Oil ?

Answer: No.

There is no possible way you can fail a drug test from Natures Pure CBD Oil. There is zero trace of THC in Natures CBD Oil and we guarantee you will not fail a drug test while using Natures Pure CBD Oil. Natures CBD Oil is perfectly fine to use if you receive drug tests on a regular basis. More information here.

Natures CBD is processed by the C02 method by extracting the CBD from the Hemp plant. We use a process in which the CO2 is at a very low temperature and under high pressure. This process allows our CBD pharmacists to capture the CO2 in a liquid state and efficiently draw the CBD in the purest form from the hemp plant material.

The CO2 CBD process is very expensive, but this safe and gentle method of extraction is extremely crucial for producing the highest quality of CBD from the industrial hemp plant.

Natures CBD is free of all solvents, pesticides, metals, and unnatural substances.

Anyone can use Natures CBD. Generally the smaller the person, the less Milligrams you would want to use such as the 300MG.

The bigger the person and the bigger health issues you will want to use the higher MG's like the 600mg or 1000mg for serious health issues. Please consult your famliy doctor before using Natures CBD.

What Is CBD ?

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US State CBD Legalities

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