Will CBD Get Me High ?

Will Natures CBD Hemp Oil Get Me High?

Answer: No, CBD is naturally non-psychoactive. You may however feel more relaxed and comfortable

Natures CBD hemp Oil is, 100% legal when sourced from Industrial Hemp like the Natures Pure CBD Hemp Oil on our site. When we process the CBD Oil made from industrial hemp, and there is zero levels of THC. Industrial Hemp is specifically grown for it’s sturdy stalks and zero levels of THC, therefore you will not get high when consuming Natures Pure CBD Hemp Oil products.

In-depth Look at different Types of CBD

CBD will also be found in Marijuana. If you decided to purchase CBD products made directly from the marijuana plant, you will most likely get varying levels of THC and CBD. This type of CBD is usually produced at a Marijuana dispensary. Here at Natures CBD we only use Industrial Hemp grown in Colorado, so therefore there is zero THC levels in our CBD. Generally the CBD from Marijuana dispensaries contain small amounts of THC. So beware, where and whom you are purchasing your CBD from and understand if the company is using industrial hemp, or if the company is a Marijuana dispensary using a Marijuana plant to extract CBD. Again you want the Industrial hemp extraction form of CBD such as Natures Pure CBD.