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  •  Full Spectrum Enhanced ( Blue Label) Mixed With Terpenes is geared for people that need the best, quick results. 
  •  Medical Formula (Red Label) is geared for sensitive people that delivers quick results
  •  Original Formula (Green Label) is our original Award Winning blend. 

CBD Tips:

For serious issues the higher mg’s such as the 600mg or higher is fast acting and the bottle will last longer. 

Why People Use CBD Tinctures

  • CBD tinctures are a popular form of CBD product, and many people find them beneficial for several reasons:
  • Ease of Use: CBD tinctures are easy to use. They typically come in small bottles with a dropper, allowing for precise and convenient dosing. Users can place a few drops under their tongue, hold for a short time, and then swallow.
  • Rapid Absorption: Sublingual administration (under the tongue) allows for rapid absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. This is faster than other methods like edibles, where the CBD must pass through the digestive system.
  • Customizable Dosage: Tinctures provide flexibility in dosage. Users can easily adjust the amount of CBD they take by increasing or decreasing the number of drops. This makes it easier for individuals to find the right dosage that suits their needs.
  • Versatility: CBD tinctures can be mixed with food or beverages, offering versatility in consumption. Some people prefer adding a few drops to their morning coffee, smoothies, or meals.
  • Concentration Variety: Tinctures come in a range of concentrations, allowing users to choose the strength that aligns with their preferences and needs. This variety caters to both beginners and experienced CBD users.
  • Long Shelf Life: CBD tinctures typically have a longer shelf life compared to some other CBD products. Properly stored tinctures can maintain their potency and effectiveness for an extended period.
  • Precise Measuring: The dropper in CBD tincture bottles enables precise measuring of the amount of CBD being consumed. This accuracy is important for those who want to control their dosage carefully.
  • Discreetness: Using a CBD tincture is discreet and doesn’t involve smoking or vaping. This makes it a convenient option for those who prefer a more private and low-key way to consume CBD.