CBD Oil Correct Dose Amount To Use

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What is the correct dosage amount for a CBD Oil Tincture?

The correct dosage amount for CBD is a tricky question. CBD effects people differently. Some people the CBD effects them faster, and for others the CBD takes longer to take effect. There are different CBD strengths, and different CBD bottle sizes on the market. But first make sure your CBD is actually real and tested for purity. You can check our testing here on this link. There are more and more fake CBD’s popping up on the market, so be careful when choosing. Stay away from convenience stores or cheap in price. Real CBD that actually works is expensive to make. Sort of like box wine and fine wine, there is a higher quality process to make a finer wine and have better results.

The breakdown on the CBD Tincture dosage.

Dosages usually mean a full dropper of CBD. If you have a bottle size of 30ml, the droppers usually hold 1ml of CBD. (A full dropper of CBD Oil in a 30ml bottle will be at 1ml). A full dropper of CBD is considered a dose.

  • Here’s a real-life example: So, you just purchased a bottle of 300mg CBD. You have a 300mg CBD (30ml bottle size) with a dropper. The whole dropper filled with CBD will equal 10mg of CBD per a dose. This is how the math breaks down: 300mg / 30ml Bottle Size = 10mgs per a ML if you use the whole droppers worth of CBD. Which is ideal for someone to start out with.
  • Another example: You purchased a 300mg of CBD in a (60ml bottle with a 1ml dropper). You will get 300mg / 60ml = 5mgs per a ML if you use the whole droppers worth of CBD. Notice that you’ll get twice as less cbd strength in a Bigger 60ml bottle. Usually 60ml bottles of CBD do not work well and are not recommended.
  • The smaller 15ML Bottles. This is where it becomes confusing. 300mg CBD (15ml bottle size with a .5ml dropper) Most companies advertise 20mg per a dose which it’s not.  You will get 300mg / 15ml bottle = 20mg per a ml. Sounds great right ? Not really you need to account for the smaller dropper at .5ml in size. So in reality you will be getting 20mg per 1ml / .5ml = 10mgs per a dropper which is not cost effective. 

How much CBD should I use?

When you see 300mg, 600mg, 1000mg on a CBD label that means there is only that amount in the full bottle, not each dosage amount.

  • For adults a 15mg to 20mg of CBD of a daily intake is a good dose to start off at.
  • For adults that are larger, older, or on medication, a daily intake of 20mg to 30mg of CBD works the best.
  • For kids or teens, 5mg to 10mg of a daily intake of CBD is good to start out at.

Always check with your doctor before use of any products !

Size, Height and Weight of a Person Makes a Difference

The smaller and younger the person is the lower the dose you want to use. 300mg will work great for teenagers and smaller kids. For kids use half the dropper of 300mg once a day before bed which will be 5mgs of CBD. For teens and adults use the whole dropper of cbd once a day before bed time which will be 10mg of CBD. Then increase to twice a day after a week.

The larger, older, or more medication the person is on, the stronger CBD you want to use like the 600mg or 1000mg. Usually when people are larger in size, overweight, or on more medication the longer the CBD will take to work. The 600mg CBD to 1000mg CBD should be used once to twice a day, and works the best for these kinds of scenarios; we tend to see results within a few days. If larger or older people are using a 300mg CBD, usually the CBD will not work fast, it will take around 2-3 weeks to see results.

What Strength of CBD should I start with?

What we see daily with our customers is that 15mg to 20mg of CBD for a daily intake works very well for most health issues. Usually the more serious the health issues are, like pain and inflammation the stronger you’ll want to use like the 600mg or 1000mg.

  • For inflammation, and pain issues the higher mg’s such as the 600mg and the 1000mg work the best.
  • For anxiety issues, mood, and PTSD issues the  300mg or 600mg works the best. 1000mg works great for major issues.
  • 600mg bottle size of 30ml: 20mg per a dose. You’re going to want to use once a day. If needed use twice a day.
  • 1000mg bottle size of 30ml: 33mg per a dose. You only need to use once a day, or twice if needed.

What if I take too much CBD?

There is no way to overdose on CBD. Nobody in the history of the world has ever died from hemp. Think of using CBD as Vitamin C pills, if you take 10 Vitamin C pills your body will only use 2 Vitamin C pills and expel the rest, the CBD works similar to this concept. Your body will only use the amount of CBD it needs. You can drink the whole bottle of CBD and it won’t make things work faster or better. Your ESC system will dictate how much CBD it needs. Please note if you take too much CBD, the CBD can make you tired. More information on the ESC System here.

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