Hemp CBD Oil vs Marijuana

hemp vs weed


There are a few differences between the hemp and marijuana plants.  The few similarities are quite significant.  Hemp and marijuana are both made of the same species of cannabis satavi l, which contains a variety of cannabinoid concentrations including compositions of THC & cannabinol CBD.  Hemp is used for food and fiber and is the marijuana cannabis plant that is grown to enhance the chemicals that make it psycho active (produce a high).  Cannabis has both male and female plants and when growing marijuana the male plants are removed and only the female plants are cultivated.  This is because when the cannabis is fertilized it lowers the concentration of THC. Thanks to selective breeding over the years the contents of THC can be anywhere between ten to thirty percent. Marijuana is usually grown indoors so that the conditions can be monitored.  Marijuana is encouraged to be short bushy flowers because the THC is mostly concentrated in the trichrome, a little resin filled gland grown on the flowers of the plant.  Although you can find THC throughout the cannabis plant it’s the flowers or buds that are harvested for recreational purposes.


Hemp is as close to you can get to how cannabis grows naturally. Hemp is produced worldwide for food, oil and fiber. The whole hemp plant can be used not just the flower. With the hemp type of cannabis, the male and female are sewn closely together allowing for easy wind pollination crowding out weeds. The result is a tall hardy plant. Another major difference between hemp and marijuana is hemp has only 00.3 percent of THC.  It is impossible to get high from hemp.  Hemp has much more CBD, which is why hemp oil is the preferred source of millions of people. The main thing to remember that marijuana is not legal in most states and the hemp alternative is a safe and legal in 50 states and it does not contain enough THC to cause a high.