CBD Oil and Sports Injuries

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CBD and Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries are some of the hardest injuries to recover from especially American Football injuries. Every time an NFL Football player gets tackled or hit, it’s equivalent to being in a car accident. The average NFL Football player that starts and plays the entire game, gets hit on average 14 times a game, or 14 car accidents a game. With football Injuries there are serious issues with back, knee, neck, joint pain, and everything else under the sun. All sports injuries immediately require damage control such as the R.I.C.E. treatment. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation). R.I.C.E. is always recommended by health professionals for the early treatment of bone injury or acute soft tissue injuries such as a sprain or strain. It can be helpful for sports injuries, closed fractures, and degenerative joint problems.

Inflammation and CBD

All pain, swelling, and discomfort is created by inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right, and attention is needed. The longer the inflammation is occurring, the more damage is being done, and the recovery time will be longer. The second that your injury happens, your body starts to create inflammation in that damaged area. Keep this in mind, your injury will not begin to heal unless the inflammation is subdued.

How does CBD work for recovery?

Without getting all technical about the Human ECS Endocannabinoid System and CBD here are some quick points.

• CBD attacks all acidity and inflammation in the human body very quickly, not weeks or months, but within hours and days.

• The faster you use CBD in the early stages of the injury, the faster the inflammation will tone down, and the faster you will heal.

• CBD attacks inflammation ultra-quick, unlike any traditional medicine or current healing methods.

• CBD will help your injury heal on an average of 3 times faster combined with traditional methods.

• CBD will help you rest and sleep better, in return will help you recover faster.

CBD Oil and NFL Players

We do have current NFL players that purchase Natures Pure CBD oil for injury recovery and healing on a monthly basis. Since Natures Pure CBD is made from 100% pure CBD crystal isolate there is no way to test positive in a surprise NFL drug test. 100% pure CBD crystal isolate is the preferred CBD of choice with NFL Players because these guys can not afford to pop hot on a drug test, it can cost them millions of dollars and even more money in endorsements if that happens, sometimes even their career.

NFL Players, Mostly Past and Some Present that announce on record that they use CBD oil to help recovery

  • Jake Plummer
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Christian Okoye
  • Eugene Monroe
  • Marvin Washington
  • Cullen Jenkins
  • Deandre Hopkins
  • Leonard Marshall
  • Seantrel Henderson
  • Eben Britton
  • Nate Jackson

No way to test positive in a Drug Test

Natures Pure CBD is the most trusted source for pure CBD without THC. There are two kinds of CBD on the market right now in 2018, Full Spectrum CBD and Crystal Isolate CBD. 1. Full Spectrum CBD is usually produced in Marijuana facilities and is known to come up hot on drug tests time to time, since they are using the whole flower of the cannabis plant. 2. Crystal Isolate CBD is CBD in the purest form without THC, and it’s derived from European Hemp. Natures Pure CBD is a Crystal Isolate CBD it is derived from European Hemp. Hemp is grown for material purposes only, so there is no need to have Industrial Hemp loaded up with THC like Cannabis. Yes, there are two kinds of plants that are used in making CBD, “Cannabis and Hemp” most people get confused and think that they are the same plant, but they are totally different plant species.

What is the correct dosage amount of CBD For Sports Injuries?

For sports injuries, you want to use the higher strength CBD like the Natures Pure CBD 1000mg Tincture, it does cost more money but it will work faster and last longer. Also, you should use a topical cbd cream in combination of the Natures Pure CBD 1000mg Tincture. Lower dosages of CBD will not work as good as the higher dosages of CBD. Lower dosages of CBD like the Natures 300mg Tincture are recommended for teens or younger with injuries.

CBD Time Frame on Healing Injuries

The more serious the injury the longer it will take to heal, but you will recover faster using CBD with addition to traditional healing methods. Please do the traditional healing methods, but also use CBD on top of what you’re doing to heal, and you will see results fast. In our experience we seen athletes recover almost 3 times faster while using CBD with addition to traditional healing methods.