Warning Don’t Buy any CBD Unless

Right now, the CBD industry is blowing up ten-fold after Farm Bill Act got passed in 2019. Have no doubts about it, CBD is the new bitcoin of the year, and you’re going to see it everywhere. Gas Stations, headshops, yoga teachers, Mary K sales reps, Pyramid Scammers, grandmothers baking cookies with cbd, and the list goes on. Scams are out in full force. Choose wisely. Here are some dirty little secrets about the CBD industry below.

What is Full Spectrum CBD ?

Full Spectrum is a CBD marketing term getting thrown around on the internet for click bait purposes. Real Full Spectrum CBD is derived from the Cannabis Flower. Sounds great right? No, it’s not If you have Anxiety issues, PTSD, or get drug tested. Small amounts of THC will make Anxiety, PTSD issues even worse. Full Spectrum CBD has been known to fail drug tests. By federal law THC levels should be at a .03 level or lower, which it never is. Most of the full spectrum CBD’s on the internet are not accurate by any means, and most of the time it’s not even real. If the Full Spectrum CBD comes from a real certified Medical Cannabis Dispensary then you should be fine, usually those types of operations are 100% legit because the State regulators are testing and checking their results at all times.  Always ask for third party testing.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – The Good

  • The Good: Comes from the whole flower of the Cannabis Plant
  • The Good: Has other properties such as Terpenes, THC-V, THC-A, d8 THC, d9 THC and other compounds which are known to help inflammation and health issues.
  • The Good: Should be 100% Natural, but most are not. Most plants are loaded up GMO’s to help them grown faster and bigger.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil – The Bad

  • The Bad: Takes a long time for the CBD to kick in.
  • The Bad: Can fail a drug test. THC levels are not accurate unless it comes from a certified dispensary.
  • The Bad: THC will make Anxiety, PTSD issues even worse. Sourcepsychologytoday.com
  • The Bad: Tastes horrible.
  • The Bad: The strength is never accurate unless it comes from a certified dispensary.

What is CBD Isolate ?

CBD Isolate is what you are seeing everywhere on the internet. CBD Isolates are derived from the Hemp Plant which gives off little amount of THC, but still has similar healing qualities just like Full Spectrum CBD. Raw CBD isolate mostly comes in powder form. The major problem with CBD isolate is, it’s very hard to formulate in a product correctly. With all my time in the CBD business, something our chemists realized is that you can’t load CBD crystals into a bottle, shake it up, expect it to have a shelf life, be consistent, and actually work. You need to formulate the CBD correctly, which not too many companies are doing. Here some more information on CBD formulation here.

CBD Isolate – The Good

  • The Good: CBD isolates is are tested more accurate since it’s being purchased in bulk.
  • The Good: Zero trace of THC which is good for people with anxiety issues.
  • The Good: The CBD will kick in faster if formulated correctly.
  • The Good: Can be easily made with other products.
  • The Good: Can be made in different strengths.
  • The Good: Can be made for Pets when mixed with small amounts of lavender and fish oils.

CBD Isolate – The Bad

  • The Bad: Very hard to formulate properly.

CBD in plastic bottles?

WTF! Don’t buy It period. 100% scam from the vape companies. CBD overtime will induce the plastic in the CBD oil. You don’t want plastic in your body.

CBD sellers on Social Media or YouTube

People that review CBD’s on YouTube have zero clue about anything. The majority of these morons are just doing reviews because they are caught up in a pyramid scam or getting kickbacks from the CBD companies.Why would anyone do a review on something if they were not making money from it ?

Nobody knows how to explain dosages properly.

I read anywhere from 150mgs a day to 5mgs a day on the interwebs. Here is a good breakdown on CBD Oil Dosages.

CBD manufactures do not know how to properly formulate CBD

This is one of the biggest issues with CBD isolate. The CBD producer needs to formulate the CBD oil correctly with a carrier agent such as CMT oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Sunflower Seed Oil, and other ingredients. CBD bonds to an oil agent that is deliver to your endocannabinoid system. If there is no carrier agent there is zero effect with cbd.

Mislabeling CBD and lying is everywhere

Biggest scam going on right now are companies that are knowingly flat out lying on their bottle labeling. Some of these bad apples in the CBD industry came from the vape industry which is around a million and counting. To keep the price of the CBD down these scumbags are only putting 200mgs of CBD in a 1500mg bottle and selling it as an authentic 1500mg bottle of CBD. You should see 3rd party testing for all CBD that you purchase. Cheap CBD is always fake! It’s very expensive to make real CBD.

Did you know that CBD companies put melatonin in their CBD edibles?

Yes a majority of Gummies and edibles have melatonin in them. Melatonin makes people tired. The concept is, if people eat edibles with melatonin in them, they will feel relaxed because they are getting tired. Using Melatonin while driving your vehicle is more dangerous than drinking a 30 pack of bud lights and getting behind the wheel. I got an edible as a sample from a sales rep from a popular CBD company. I ate the edible and was driving up to the beach in Maine. 30 minutes later I fell asleep at the wheel and almost drove my truck into the woods. I avoided a total disaster because I woke up when my truck hit the grass. A close call with melatonin. Never Again.

Is THC really needed in CBD, or is that a sales pitch?

THC is not needed in CBD, for CBD to work properly. You’ll read THC propaganda from the know-It-all’s on Social media, internet, or forums like reddit. I’ve seen it with my own eyes that CBD works without THC. THC will work good, if you have chronic pain from a car accident or something to that degree. If you have any Anxiety Issues or PTSD, you need to stay far away from THC because it will just make it worse over the long run.

What are the side effect of CBD, if any?

Some side effects are drowsiness, or diarrhea if you consume to much. 10mg – 35mg’s a day depending on your weight, size and tolerance level is all you’ll need of CBD to work properly.  Any amount over 35mg’s a day is overkill and you’re wasting your money. CBD works similar to taking vitamins. If you take 10 Vitamin C pills, your body will only use 3 Vitamin C pills and expel the rest, this is similar to CBD. Your endocannabinoid system will dictate how much CBD you’ll need.

To Vape CBD or Not to Vape CBD is the ?

People are all freaked out on the internet with a term called Popcorn Lung. I hear it all the time, usually from soccer moms that go on Facebook 20hrs a day. You have better odds of winning the lottery than to get Popcorn Lung from vaping. The term Popcorn Lung is propaganda from the cigarette companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Just remember this, the cigarette companies want to hook you on cigarettes, and the pharmaceutical companies want you to remain sick, so you keep taking pills for everything. 100% fact, there are thousands of more harmful chemicals in a cigarette than in a vape.

Vaping CBD will make the CBD work quicker because it goes into your bloodstream quicker. Vaping CBD is perfect for people with Anxiety issues or PTSD. When CBD is Vaped it will take about 2-5 minutes for the CBD to kick in. We have customers get rid of their Asthma with vaping CBD. CBD attacks all Inflammation in the body including Asthma in the lungs. The con about Vaping cbd is, you’ll need to use it more. If CBD is used under the tongue, the CBD will last longer through out the day.  If you vape CBD, you need to get CBD that’s formulated correctly. There are maybe a handful of CBDs’ on the market that are formulated correctly. More information here on vaping cbd.

CBD is a Beautiful Thing When Done Correctly

Real CBD done correctly is a beautiful thing, it really is. Real CBD saves people lives from pain and suffering, I’ve seen it myself with my own eyes. CBD is a game changer, only if you get real CBD and use the correct strengths. More information here for dosages.